Tour of Waterford 2011

Hey, another year rolls around and Im still interested in riding the shite out of a bike.

And we get to the end of August in one piece alive, intact and with no discernable damage to mind, soul or body. Thats an achievement given the state of the un-I-verse.

Id been back on the bike 6 times since the end of June due to the injury to my right thigh which prevented me from climbing anything steeper than a 1%-er. Nor had I swum much, work was v busy May/June and then summer holidays started – Burren, Wales and sisters two-part wedding. Yeah, the cycling had retreated but as ever an eager seeker of the uplifting way out through to the blue.

My buddy Pieter had been in touch re meeting up down in Dungarven. We made our own separate way down o a beautifully sunny morning for the SeanKellyFest.

I felt ok, not super shape but Id tested the legs the previous weekend cycling from Rosslare to Monasterevin – 140 kms solo with 0 stop in 6 hrs flat. I hadnt done much climbing but fuck it, Im fit and old and still together. What could go wrong ?

I really enjoyed this cycle, The fresh air, light winds, waterford scenery in the Sun, company and the fastest time ever – 160 km in 6hrs 45mins. Not so old then.


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