Tom Dolby

Went to this gig in October in Dublin. Went with my brother whose a life long fan. Music as great as I remember it being, great horn section etc. Not sure about his background, stories of flight to America, his return to England, some of the lyrics in his songs as instrospective Englishman lamenting the loss of Empire. Fine in principal but can I suggesst he dont come to Dublin City, Ireland and sing "Bye, Bye Empire, Bye, Bye" because we're not bovvered about empire, present, past or future. Some cultural sensitivity training wouldnt go astray (snigger)…

Funnily enough I'd say 40%+ of the crowd there had come dowwn from the North. Lots of boffin looking types (like the man himself) balding middle aged, still bursting with the faded dreams of their youth. I felt like they did when Scritti played in the same venue last year. Age shall not wither us.


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