Acid Mothers Temple….

Rocked a smile onto my face. Pure,complex rock and roll played by a bunch of Japanese Cosmonauts in Whelans last Wesdnesday. Best gig of 2007 so far ( sorry Cathal and Julian) but these guys were mind blowing.

To set the scene, Whelans is being renovated. The stairs up to the jax is gone replaced by a door into a "new" room full of comfortable couches. I had taken a vow of no alcohol for the evening because I had to drive back to Monasterevin afterwards. So I ordered my first non-alcoholic Becks. Got it in a brown paper bag and was asked to drink it outside so as not to disturb those consuming the real deal.

The support were some branch of the Beta Band family tree (no, that was Thomas Dolby, sorry, more about hime in a sec) Actaully I dont know who the support act were as they shared a drum kit with AMT so the advertising space on the kick drum was pre-let. Anyway, they werent bad. Veered between post-rock and wig-out death metal riffs with some squeaky vocals thrown in. COuld have been my sober state but they had definite potential to do something great but not on this night.

AMT are hard to describe. They are a Japanese acid/kraut/post rock band and they are legends amongst certain fraternities of the music world. On this short tour around Ireland and Britain, they've played to rave reviews. A couple of points about the atmosphere: whelans on a Wednesday night, e15 a head, word of mouth only advertising, it was a back to basics gig for me as I was surrounded for the most part by diehard fans. This gig was an absolute treat to be at.

I cant describe their music as it defies description. Its cosmic guitar, synth, throat music, sean nos, ambient keyboards, acid squelches all rolled into a trance-driven wig out that lasted for 20 minutes in some cases. They are visually arressting due their refreshing sounds, their age and personalities esp the bass player. He was their spokesperson at one point imploring with the crowd to relieve them of the burden of CDs. It started as spoken word and then expnaded out into throat chant. Hard to judge


One thought on “Acid Mothers Temple….

  1. darchangel says:

    if the tunes that followed were improvised or rehearsed. My guess is the entire show is one long improv.They came back out for an encore that lasted 30 seconds. First time I've seen my mate Steve return to his heavy metal roots and shake that motherfuckin head. Wild and heavy.Everyone bought at least one CD so I hope AMT filled their coffers. They deserve it almost as much as the world deserves to have its aural cavities filled with music like theirs. Awesomesomesomesome. 😉

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