Far deepdown in  a sun-rippled opalsea
A current bumps against my heart.
Aortic indentations delineated in concrete.
Weed and moss , a camouflaged
carsophagus conceal .
Thrashing soul within left
A clambering scrawl skyward
Dirt encrusted, moss embalmed
Hyroglyphs for fish and weed
To nudge and muzzle and caress
 My forgotten love.
All but silent now. All but silent
Silence reigns amidst the
Hustle and bustle of our  underwater tomb.
A faint, fading smile on concrete lips
Indentattion of a once-pulsing  heart

Pouring Concrete

Her silken silent zephyr-shadow fans ripples into a becalmed Deep.

Iron filings razorwelt soft tissues comme quelque waterborne disease.

Bereft of mercy; entrapment court case nightmares,

Cleared in words  but not in deeds.

Love zephyr rips her talons into soft tissue. Bruised, torn , hanging;

the last fragmented “what if”.

Below the waterline lie sunken residues of hope, a glimmersliver;

An oscillation tuned to hope-pain chimes, 360 degrees leaves me heapified , alone and  broken.

I pour concrete to crush the zephyrs flight;

to embalm the virus;

to protect my soul;

I pour concrete arrows in my spirit homeward.

I scream out to the Universe for more concrete. In vain. I drop the weight, the waiting….in vain

I swallow worlds within worlds; within pain-hope chimes induce dreams of a trouble-free sleep on the lake bottom floor, your beautiful face my pillow.


Aguirre, lost on the plains of Belarus.

Conquistador sunk by a torzephyrdo.


(on plan to Frankfurt 13th March 219)